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Tim To The Rescue!

This is a short story about Tim, a truly quixotic person, both in appearance and lifestyle. If you were to see Tim, you would agree beaten face with white patches, old and somewhat torn but really clean clothes and a soft spoken and idle style of conversation...

By the way, Tim has been taking care of our pool for over 20 years.

Well anyways, this Sunday afternoon, with 100 degrees temperature,  Zebi was panicking...the main 15 ft pole anchoring the 5 strings of lights in the backyard swayed, buckled and had just been put up by two handymen who had seen the bent pole but exhausted and clueless...they became upset and left...the nikah/engagement and graduation party are now less than a week away...

Now in the midst of the blame game argument with Zebi, I espied Tim through the living room window, working on the pool at 3 or 4 pm - hottest time of the day! Almost ran towards him...A wild thought ...Tim would be our savior!!

And sure enough, Tim left the pool after a few minutes. He came over to the broken pole and completely sheared it from the base exposing the foundation and a small section of the pipe embedded in the concrete. The pipe no longer had a circular opening and it wasn't that deep in the concrete. We discussed what to do. Tim measured the embedded pipe diameter and suggested we find a smaller and stronger pipe to put in it. I was skeptical. Anyways Tim took charge in a very understated manner and went by himself to Home Depot. I offered to go but he wouldn't take me.

Tim came back with a four foot long solid black pipe. He used a hammer and made the embedded pipe opening circular again and then stuck the black pipe within. Then he cut the long 15 ft pole and slid it over the black pipe. We connected the five strings of lights to the pole. And the pole bent again...but stayed strong!!

Today back from work, found Zebi still concerned.. the handymen go on vacation in two days...don't know if Tim would be in today..

Well .. Tim arrives at 630 pm - light is fading.. As usual we chat about life and everything except the work infront...meanwhile Zebi is getting impatient and wants to talk about what is to be done...We find Tim had talked to the two handymen in the morning and this evening he brought five black pipes for the other poles around the boundary wall. The handymen will reinforce the other five poles with these pipes tomorrow. Tim promised to come tomorrow with some guy wires to anchor the main pole. We chat again about other stuff and Tim jokes that if everything fails the two of us along with a couple more folks can just hold the light strings in our hands. At this point Zebi leaves...

Today Tim looks like a bedraggled poor person...Yet he grew up in a fairly rich family. They had a 7500 sq ft home. Travelled all over the world - Europe, Hong Kong, China, Japan...

Tim says he is not rich, does not have something stashed away for retirement...but he likes his life...he works hard but enjoys it...After leaving a wife of over 20  years who was always complaining and abused his earnings, he is married to an old flame who sought him out. She is bipolar but devoted to him and is waiting for him with dinner..

Before parting, Tim asks why do Americans need a 4500 sq ft home, an expensive car, so much debt....why cant we live simply and then just acquire a few things...Wouldn't life be much better?

Story time: May 4, 2015

Photo 1: With Tim by the Pool

Photo 2: The Pool that Tim's being maintaining for 20 rs

Photo 3: The Proof is in the Pudding ... The partygoers are thrilled with the lights

Photo 4: Ali and his friends at the Party

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