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Contentment at Sycamore Creek and Waterfall!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The sight and sound of the waterfall is right infront of you .. then the fallen water meanders and rushes through a small channel between and above rocks and boulders and sand As the sun beats down and the wind gently blows, you lie on a sloping boulder with your feet sliding into the cool water and your upper body soaking the sun, the cheeks warming and your entirety caressed by the fluttering breeze And this is contentment .. carefree .. nothing matters .. the pettiness of the human beings that are so much a part of your daily minute by minute life is far away .. their contrived self serving dramas are inconsequential .. no matter what .. you just want to be kind to all .. you continue to lie down .. relaxing to your core This is what immersing in nature does .. it brings joy it brings peace! At Sycamore Creek .. about two hours from Phoenix .. yet totally alone .. not another soul .. one might be a world away!

Ps: while at the waterfall and creek I read and enjoyed

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