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Dining Table Discussions; the following questions were posed to young and old at our dining table tonight.

Q1. Homeless - Should they be provided charity? What type of charity? Cash or kind?

Answers: responsibility of government, provide gift cards for grocery stores, clothes or blankets, offer employment,

Best answer by young man (my opinion): most homeless folks are suffering; they need food, medical aid, shelter, personal items; a plethora of gift cards doesnt address the gamut of their needs; until society/government can adequately take care of the homeless, we as caring people need to chip in with whatever we can to ease their suffering; bandaid is sometimes the most immediate and viable help!

Other related discussions: Volunteering with St Vincent de Paul, St Mary's Foodbank and other organizations such as Invisible People for assisting homeless can be a rewarding experience for most people; most homeless are very appreciative of the help they receive; my favorite task is a busboy at St Vincent de Paul where i clean tables and provide food to the homeless

Q 2. Which candidate for the US president do you prefer? the question was posed to young and old at our dining table tonight.

Young person 1: not prepared to comment

Middle age man 1: havent focused on the candidates and cannot answer

Middle age man 2: I like Amy Klobuchar, but my politics tends for me to support Bernie Sanders who has been consistent

Middle age woman 1: Why are you surprised with my choice for Bernie Sanders; you expressed surprise in 2016 also.

Middle age woman 2: Amy Klobuchar because she is a centrist and more acceptable than Bernie who can be controversial

Middle age woman 3: Bernie Sanders although i like Elizabeth Warren too.

Young woman 1: Bernie Sanders because he is consistent

Young woman 2: Bernie Sanders

Young man 2: Bernie Sanders; It doesnt matter if he wins or loses; its the right thing to do; His medicare program is more real than Elizabeth Warren's; She would provide more coverage but would keep paying the insurance companies

Me: Bernie Sanders as i agree with his democratic socialism and his consistent messages for improving healthcare, education, international relations with regards to the suffering people

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